Ambulatory Surgical Center

The Cataract Care Ambulatory Surgery Center opened at the turn of the millennium. This 9,300 square foot building with three operating suites, two laser treatment rooms, reception areas, pre-op and recovery areas contain state of the art equipment. 

The ASC surgicenter operates several days a week, specializing in ophthalmic surgeries ranging from Lasik refractive surgery for vision correction, cataract removal, intraocular lens implants, glaucoma, ocular plastics, eye muscle, corneal transplants, vitro-retinal and laser surgery.

The Cataract Care Ambulatory Surgery Center was built to lower the cost of providing eye care and increase the quality of patient care. Unlike hospital based surgery, the ASC environment is relaxed and friendly without the complex registration, long waits and insurance hassles. Many of our staff develop a relationship with our patients and their families when they first come to our practice and are comforted by the extension of that relationship ito the surgery center. Patients feel more comfortable and their anxiety level is reduced when they know the people who are taking care of them.

We are constantly adding new surgeons to our medical staff along with experienced, qualified caring nurses and staff. Our patients have had a highly favorable acceptance rate with the surgery center.
The Cataract Care Ambulatory Surgery Center is certified by the New York State Health Department and Medicare. This is to assure the highest standard of level of care. Our goal is to provide excellence with caring.
The ASC participates with:

Railroad Medicare
Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Northeastern New York
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