Routine Eye Exams

No matter what your age, a routine eye examination is the only way to determine the health of your eyes. The exam may find that your eyes are perfectly healthy, detect an early problem, or let you know why you may be suffering from loss of vision. The same eye exam also helps us to determine the best way to treat your condition
In our Computerized Testing Area, under our instruction, a technician will ask you questions about your eyes and general health, perform base line tests, record your medications and eye glass measurements. Be sure to bring both of these along!
Handled in the comfort and privacy of the Cataract Care Center's examination rooms, we perform a thorough eye exam to ensure that nothing is overlooked. We will determine if your current glasses still meet your needs or we will perscribe new ones.
Special tests may also be performed, if needed.
Part of our caring commitment to you is our respect for your time. For routine examinations we try to schedule you within two weeks of your call and have you in and out of the office in forty-five minutes. For an appointment, call our office at

1-800-CATARACT, or use one of our convenient 2020 numbers.
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