Contact Lenses

Today, many eye medical and visual problems can be corrected with contact lenses. At the Cataract Care Center, we can determine whether contact lenses are right for you.

We start by performing a thorough eye exam to evaluate your needs. If your eyes are suited to contact lenses, we’ll help you choose the style and color you like, then fit these lenses on your eyes. Your contact lenses will be dispensed by professionals right at our center. Follow-up appointments will be made to ensure that your contact lenses are always working to make your vision better and to answer any questions you may have on lens care.

When you decide on contact lenses, be sure to check with the Cataract Care Center. We’re here to make your choice clear.

We have fit contacts on patients from infancy to over 100!

We offer lenses for:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Alternative to bifocals
  • Asigmatism
  • Aphakia (after cataract removal)
  • Corneal disease and dystrophies
  • Change in “Eye Color”